Hamptons Family Office Wealth Forum

 Wednesday August 26, 2020



The 1640 Society is inviting qualified family office CIO's and leading families from across the globe to meet for a private gathering to discuss issues pertinent to them.  

LEADING Family Office Forum

The Forum brings together prominent families & philanthropists who summer in the Hamptons, the greater New York community, as well as international families from Mid East, Europe and Asia who seek a private and exclusive venue to network, exchange new information & ideas and hear from leaders in the field.   Speakers are predominately SFO's from across the United States and the globe including first generation wealth thru fifth generation wealth.  

Family Member & CIO Panels

Hear from leading family offices from across the United States, as well as Dubai, Australia and Europe. The Forum is run by Families for Families with the Founder's & Steering Committee consisting of some of the most prominent Family Offices in the globe.


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Founded in 2005 by Dr. Finian Tan and his 4 partners, Drs. Khalil Binebine, Jeffrey Chi and Damian Tan and Ms. Linda Li, Vickers Venture Partners is a leading global venture capital firm. With a presence in Shanghai, Singapore and US, the group manages 5 funds and proprietary capital to date. Their portfolio covers life sciences, technology, media, and telecommunications as well as consumer and financial services.