Hamptons Family Office Wealth Forum

 Wednesday August 26, 2020



The 1640 Society is inviting qualified family office CIO's and leading families from across the globe to meet for a private gathering to discuss issues pertinent to them.  

LEADING Family Office Forum

The Forum brings together prominent families & philanthropists who summer in the Hamptons, the greater New York community, as well as international families from Mid East, Europe and Asia who seek a private and exclusive venue to network, exchange new information & ideas and hear from leaders in the field.   Speakers are predominately SFO's from across the United States and the globe including first generation wealth thru fifth generation wealth.  

Family Member & CIO Panels

Hear from leading family offices from across the United States, as well as Dubai, Australia and Europe. The Forum is run by Families for Families with the Founder's & Steering Committee consisting of some of the most prominent Family Offices in the globe.



The Wilkinson Family of Companies was founded in 1991 by Russel Wilkinson and includes Wilkinson Global Capital, Wilkinson Development, Wilkinson Asset Management and Wilkinson Corporation. As the primary holding company, Wilkinson Corporation a boutique technology and real-estate investment firm,has been involved in the ownership, management, construction, and rehabilitation of rental investment properties nationwide since its founding in 1991.

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